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Building a sport and peace archive

Author: BoMoVu

Building a sport and peace archive

On IDSDP 2021, BoMoVu is working to create an archive of sport and peace actors in Turkey.

While social inequalities and discriminatory practices harm peace, sports and games are an important field in bringing peace and harmony. Learning about civic peace and acquiring emotional and intuitive knowledge through sports can be a driving force for peacebuilding.

Sport allows us to work and act together, to find an equitable resolution to conflicts and maintain social peace, while promoting mutual understanding, cooperation and fair play.

At Body Movement for Vulnerable Groups (BoMoVu) in Turkey, we care about contributing to the development of peace through sport and make visible other efforts of this kind.

On IDSDP 2021, we have committed ourselves to create an archive of sport and peace actions so that we can support each other with more concrete examples from the field. We aim to build an archive with details of non-governmental organizations, local initiatives, municipalities and other individuals that have worked with sport to attain peace and developmental goals.

By putting these examples together in an accessible archive, we will make it possible for initiatives working on similar projects and issues to come together and create partnerships and synergies. Through this project, we hope to envision peace in Turkey through sport, art and body movement. 


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Burcu Ayan


Wednesday, April 7, 2021 - 08:41

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