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CAC’s Purposeful Play creates education outside the classroom

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CAC’s Purposeful Play creates education outside the classroom

How can organisations empower communities through experiential learning?

Coaches Across Continents is the global leader in Purposeful Play. Governments, Corporations, Foundations, and community-based organisations in 60 countries impact 16 million children annually using CAC’s 28 year-round strategic resources to create Purposeful Play. Over the past decade CAC has educated and certified over 25,000 community leaders on six continents and been established as the Global Leader in Education Outside the Classroom, winning 26 major awards including the 2018 Beyond Sport Global Impact of the Year Award.


CAC’s Purposeful play is based on four key pillars: Our Core Values, Chance to Choice Educational Philosophy, Self-Directed Learning Methodology, and Theory of Change.

Coaches Across Continents caught my attention as a sport for development organisation because it is the only one I’ve seen that has a clearly stated methodology and Theory of Change.” - Jay Coakley, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Sociology Department, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Coaches Across Continents knows that many individuals and organisations understand the potential power of sport, but do not optimise its use as an educational tool or agent of social change. By partnering with CAC, they learn best practices in Purposeful Play in order to educate children in their communities and create Legacies of social change.

What is Purposeful Play?

CAC’s Purposeful Play creates Education Outside the Classroom and is unique for two key reasons:

1. CAC’s Purposeful Play is based on our Self-Directed Learning Methodology that creates an environment for children to be in control. They are able to suggest and implement solutions to problems posed by the educators or the activities themselves. This develops the key skill sets of problem solving and critical thinking.

2. Every activity from CAC’s award-winning curriculum is carefully designed to educate about specific UN SDGs and key social issues. This transforms the sports field into a safe space where individuals can learn and ultimately question harmful traditional, religious, and cultural practices.

How does CAC empower communities?

CAC designs, develops, and implements educational pathways for organisations and teachers to learn from our 28 year-round strategic resources. This empowers them to create an environment for experiential learning and implement Purposeful Play for their communities.

Our research from the past decade proves that Purposeful Play is effective because it is fun and engaging for both educators and children, creating lifelong learners who develop into community leaders with the capacity to become future policy makers.

Purposeful Play empowers communities to create the sustainable change they want to see in the world.

Education for a changing world:

Last month CAC launched the world’s first Organisational Accreditation Programme in Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom. Our rigorous standards of accreditation and 28 year-round strategic resources empower local organisations to use Purposeful Play as an effective educational tool in their communities to create sustainable change based on the UN SDGs.

Coaches Across Continents is using Purposeful Play to create Education for a Changing World.



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