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Call for media submissions

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Call for media submissions

Share your images and videos with the global community!’s media section features photos, videos and audio pieces representing sport’s impact around the world. Whether it’s rugby players fighting for gender equality in Fiji, or young athletes learning life skills through football in Mumbai, this section lets community members share diverse stories of sport being used as a development tool.

We are looking to highlight more of these stories from a variety of sports, players and places. What does sport mean to you? How are you (or your organisation, club, etc.) using sport to promote education, gender equity, health, inclusion or other social causes? Let us know in the form of photos, videos or both!

How to participate

Send us your photo(s):

  • Upload any type of photo file or send us a link to your gallery of selected photos (e.g. on Flickr)
  • Please include no more than 10 photos

 Send us your video(s):

  • Upload a .mpg or .flv file or send us a link to the video (e.g. YouTube)
  • Please include no more than four videos

Submit your photos or videos via this form, and don’t forget to include:

  1. Your name
  2. Name of your organisation or club (if applicable)
  3. Website
  4. A brief description of the media, i.e. what’s happening in the photo/video?
  5. Copyright information

You will see your submissions highlighted in our media section, on social media and possibly in our newsletter. Be sure to add your social media handles or hashtags if you would like these to be included!


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