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Call for proposals: UNHCR's Urban Refugee Children Innovation Challenge

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Call for proposals: UNHCR's Urban Refugee Children Innovation Challenge

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is accepting ideas for programmes that aim to better protect refugee children in urban areas.

How might we better protect refugee children in cities?” Many programmes in the sport and development sector aim to answer this question. Whether the focus is on players’ health in refugee camps or integration into their communities, sport has proven to be a vital tool in programmes working with refugees. The UNHCR recognises this, highlighting the importance of sport on its website.

This opportunity provides an occasion to showcase the role sport can play in child safeguarding and youth development. Participants will receive feedback from UNHCR staff and refugee youth, and winning ideas may receive funding of up to 50,000 US dollars.

Submissions are available to read on the website, and some current ideas incorporating sport and play include:

  • Mobile play groups in which youth leaders create teams that will engage children in recreational activities in various locations
  • Bikes for Refugees, which distributes upcycled bikes to children and their families
  • Therapeutic playgrounds to provide a safe place to play

The UNHCR accepts ideas from staff members, partners and refugee communities. It is looking for ideas that are innovative, appropriate, principled, participatory, cost effective and feasible.

The deadline to submit an idea is 25 June.



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Friday, June 2, 2017 - 09:47

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