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Call for submissions: How does your organisation address the SDGs?

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Call for submissions: How does your organisation address the SDGs? is collecting case studies demonstrating how sport and development organisations incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their projects.

The Sustainable Development Goals were introduced in 2016 and serve as a focal point for the international community. The 17 goals lay out a plan for all countries to eliminate poverty, ensure health and prosperity for all people and protect the planet. Sport is mentioned as an 'enabler of development' in the Agenda 2030 outcome document, which describes the goals. It can play a role in addressing the SDGs, especially to promote health, gender equality, education, safety and inclusion, among others.

We are calling on all organisations working in sport and development to answer the following questions:

  • How does your organisation work toward achieving the SDGs?
  • Which specific goals do you target?
  • What changes have you made since the SDGs were introduced in January 2016?
  • How is your organisation measuring progress?

Please send us your answers via JotForm along with an image representing your organisation’s impact.

The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2018.


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