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Celebrating 6 April at St Peter's School

Celebrating 6 April at St Peter's School

Kids in Chattanooga, Tennessee, explain what the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace means to them.

St. Peter's Episcopal School children have been bringing awareness to the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The day celebrates how sport can change the world, particularly in relation to the United Nations sustainable development goals.

The kids love celebrating this day and their projects help them to realise the enormous power of sport, and the importance of what sport can bring to the world.

While pre-school through third grade made this video, fifth grade created awesome sport and peace themed posters. Every family at St.Peter's was challenged to display as many of these posters as possible around Chattanooga - so look out for them if you're in the area!

On the posters is a QR code which takes you to the video and so we hope many will notice the posters, watch our video, and learn about the day! Our students are thrilled to be the ones to educate others in their community about peace and sport. You too can help by sharing this post and video.

Meanwhile, fourth grade decided they wanted to create a sport and peace sculpture. With the wonderful help of our art teacher, Sarah LaRose Kane, the children made papier mâché balls, with open tops, so that they could be filled with our sport and peace wishes for the world! On 6 April (the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace) all our students will fill the balls with white cards, upon which their wishes will be written. Once filled with wishes, the balls will then be displayed in a giant peace sign, next to the One World Play Project ball fourth grade are donating to charity.

Thanks to Eli A Wolff, Mary Hums and Marcel Parent for their inspirational work in nurturing sport for peace. Thanks to our wonderful head of school for being just as enthusiastic as I am for creating a holistic, worldly athletics programme. Thanks to all the kiddos!

And as St.Peter's kids say: "I pledge that I will always be a good sport and use sport for good!"


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Sam Parfitt


Monday, April 4, 2016 - 23:00