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Celebrating UN Day Sport for Development and Peace 2015

Celebrating UN Day Sport for Development and Peace 2015

The IDSDP was celebrated around the world on 6th April 2015. NOWSPAR participated in a number of ways including discussions with media and activities for girls where they learned about teamwork, problem solving, and how to build strong relationships.

NOWSPAR participated in this commemoration in two ways, media discussions and a sports event for girls. We featured on a live radio programme on Metro FM on Wednesday 1 April, where our Advocacy Officer Ms. Mofu Kandondo and Project Assistant Ms. Maketo N’gombe discussed the Goal Program and how sport contributes to girls’ empowerment and development.

This year NOWSPAR is reaching 2,500 girls and young women with sport activities and leadership skills. By doing regular sport and life skills practice, girls will be fit and healthy and able to take on leadership roles.

On Tuesday 7th April our General Secretary Ms. Lombe Mwambwa was live on Muvi TV discussing the role of sport NGOs in Zambia. Themes covered include advocacy issues, leadership, fair pay in sport, governance and policy framework of sport in Zambia. There are several Sport NGOs in Zambia, and last year, during Zambia’s Jubilee Celebrations, a Sports Festival was hosted with the support of the Nowergian Olympic Committee and the National Sports Council of Zambia to showcase sport’s role in national development.

The 10th of April was more physically active as we hosted the Goal Event at the Olympic Youth Development Centre led by our Goal Project Intern Ms. Mirriam Nanyinza. There were 51 girls between the ages of 12 – 20 from 10 sports codes. During the event, three topics were covered: peace, hygiene and making money, the session was lively and the girls said they enjoyed playing and learning the various skills from the games.


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