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Champions for Peace launch the 2021 #WhiteCard digital campaign

Champions for Peace launch the 2021 #WhiteCard digital campaign

Under the motto “Behind each #WhiteCard, there is a story”, they invite the peace-though-sport movement to join the campaign by sharing #WhiteCard pictures and testimonies on the platform and social media. 

In a video message, Champions for Peace Didier Drogba (winner of the UEFA Champions League and African football legend), Tony Estanguet (three-time canoe Olympic Champion and President of the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games), Laurence Fischer (three-time karate World Champion and Ambassador for Sport at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs), Marlène Harnois (taekwondo Olympic medalist), Siya Kolisi (captain of the World Champion South African rugby team), Jean-Baptiste Alaize (four-time athletics World Champion), Pascal Gentil (double taekwondo Olympic medalist), Paula Radcliffe (World Champion and former marathon World Record holder) and Sarah Ourahmoune (boxing Olympic medalist) explain what the WhiteCard means to them:

“Behind each WhiteCard, there is a story. A story where sport fosters reconciliation and coexistence within and between communities. A story where sport contributes to building more inclusive societies and combats all forms of discrimination. A story where sport contributes to fighting against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence. A story where sport breaks traditional barriers and encourages intercultural and interreligious understanding. A story where sport connects, inspires, and empowers girls and boys. A story where sport, as a universal language, prevents interpersonal violence and achieves peace goals. As Champions for Peace, we believe that sport has the power to change lives and to shape peaceful societies.”
Watch the video here
On this occasion, Joël Bouzou, Peace and Sport President and Founder, declared:
“Today more than ever, sport can inspire, give courage and hope as it is a powerful tool to reinforce fraternity and cooperation. In the present crisis, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace celebrated on April 6th, is a propitious day to send a strong message of global solidarity and reinforce our bonds with each other in an indissoluble way through sport.”
Each year, to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, Peace and Sport invites the entire world to support to the peace-through-sport movement through the white card symbol. This year, with the theme “Behind every #WhiteCard, there is a story” Peace and Sport wants to highlight the testimonies of people who have personally or collectively measured the positive impact of a peace-through-sport project.

Through testimonies, pictures, and memories of resilience, Peace and Sport wishes to demonstrate that sport is a formidable tool to fight against discrimination and a means of fostering the transmission of structuring values and illuminating the path to more inclusive and peaceful societies.
About the #WhiteCard campaign
The #WhiteCard is a worldwide digital campaign created by Peace and Sport that promotes sport's positive and constructive values.

Every year the #WhiteCard campaign reaches millions of people through social media. Holding up a #WhiteCard, just like a referee, has been recognized as the symbol of the peace-through-sport movement, and it is an action that symbolizes the positive power of sport. In contrast to the red card, which signifies the most severe offense in sport, the #WhiteCard is a gesture of inclusion, equality, and peace.

Symbolically, the #WhiteCard enables sports organizations, international institutions, governments, athletes, and civil society to take action and promote themselves within the sport-for-development-and-peace movement and identify themselves as being socially aware and committed. In the pandemic context, the #WhiteCard became an expression of unity and solidarity through sport.
About the April6 mobilization

To create an even stronger international mobilization around the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, Peace and Sport launched the platform, in 2014.

The objective is to identify and promote all the initiatives organized around the world by international federations, NOCs, clubs, associations, institutions, and private actors and to identify inspiring stories that are the victories of peace through sport.

This platform allows everyone to download all the elements necessary to mobilize and share their story.


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