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"Children need to relate to their role models"


"Children need to relate to their role models"

Kaveh Mehrabi, professional badminton player and Champion for Peace, emphasises the importance of having local role models for the communities in need.

Kaveh Mehrabi was named a « Champion for Peace » on the opening ceremony of the 3rd Peace and Sport International Forum. He was the first Iranian citizen to qualify for the Olympic Games in badminton in 2008, and is currently presiding the Athletes Commission of the World Badminton Federation.

Kaveh Mehrabi believes there is more to the game of badminton than winning and obtaining medals :

« I think that numerous athletes reach a point in their career when they realise that sport is not all. It provides an incredible feeling to accomplish something for the communities beyond the sports field ».

He firmly believes sports ambassadors can help serve the communities :

« Athletes can have an important impact on children from deprived areas : these kids don’t have any fancy games or computers, and can easily relate to sports ».

However, he mentions it is important the children are in a position to relate to these role models. It will be easier for children from deprived areas to identify themselves to local sports stars :

« children from local communities might find it difficult to understand international athletes : they might not share the same language, the same appearance, and the same culture. Children will find it easier to relate to local athletes, who will be in a better position to know what it is to be poor and to grow up in deprived areas ».

When asked about how he intends to get involved, Kaveh logically sticks to his principles and would be interested to inspire children in Iran :

« there are important needs in the Middle East, and I would be delighted to give back to communities in Iran ».


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Chris Middleton


Wednesday, November 25, 2009 - 23:00

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