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CHRISC Kenya joins the online community


CHRISC Kenya joins the online community

CHRISC Kenya is one among several new organisations that joined the connect section of the Platform in July.


Christian Sports Contact (CHRISC) Kenya

encourages the socialisation of disadvantaged youths through sport. By closely cooperating with schools in Nairobi, CHRISC Kenya attempts to deal with cases of lack of access to education, school dropouts, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS prevention and teenage pregnancy. More information about this school outreach project is available online.

CHRISC Kenya also runs a girls’ empowerment project in Nairobi and Voi, utilising the sports field as an arena for self-expression and social interaction. Last but not least, the street kids’ project uses sports as a means to reach out to street children and provide them with an initial contact point.

These activities are coordinated by Dedan Njoroge, who recently joined the Platform as a Team Player. Dedan was initially volunteering for CHRISC Kenya before being named national coordinator.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009 - 23:00

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