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Co-opting sports psychology in Kenyan community-based sports clubs

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Co-opting sports psychology in Kenyan community-based sports clubs

Inuka Direct will host a sports psychology webinar on 17 May.

Since the start of its application in the 1920s, sports psychology has evolved over time to become an integral part of professional sports teams across the world. The integration of sports psychology is considered crucial in teams seeking to achieve optimum performance prior to, during and after performance.

Coaches across various sports have seen its importance in improving and strengthening the social and task cohesion of their players, building the self-efficacy of their athletes, increasing a positive attitude to encourage athletes to overcome defeat and helping them deal with success on and off the field.

However, its application in the Kenyan sports scene is a farfetched wish for many sporting entities from the elite level down to the amateur tiers. This means that athletes’ prime performance is always at jeopardy resulting in a breakdown of their mental skills.

In attempts to encourage the discipline in grassroots football clubs, Inuka Direct will hold its inaugural webinar on sports psychology on 17 May at 14:00 EAT with participants drawn from Nairobi, Thika and Kericho. Attendees will be introduced to the basic understanding of sports psychology. The session will be held under the wings of the official football development programme, Footworks programme.



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