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Colombia celebrates peace and sport


Colombia celebrates peace and sport

In Colombia the celebration of the 2nd International Day of Sport for Peace and Development (IDSPD) was very special for Grupo Internacional de Paz.

We held differents events throughout the whole country with our programme activities and also did activities with our institutional partner Coldeportes, with the signature programme Convivencia y Paz.

We also participated in the video contest held by the UNOSDP and were chosen to be highlighted among 10 others. The participants, located in Medellín, El Silencio and Zungo Embarcadero did reflective activities and a sports commemoration highlighting the importance of this day.

During the psychosocial activity they talked about the IDSPD and peace and they also discussed the #WhiteCard campaign and the benefits that sports have to create life projects.

They all wore their uniforms, took photos with the white card, and played a game for peace. The commemoration of the IDSPD was held and this activity was carried out along with a reflective activity on peace, its meanings and ways to build it. Then the children had fun playing a friendly game of baseball between them.

Coexistence and peace:
Participants took part in activities where they discussed the IDSPD and workshops were scheduled to raise awareness about this day. In one of the communities they had no goalies to play, but only two sticks. Thanks to the mayor of the municipality and the sports coordinator, they received the implements to celebrate. 

Watch the video below that was among the top 10 entries to the UNOSDP IDSDP 2015 video contest.

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Edgar Romero


Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - 23:00