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Contributing to social integration with Leipzig United F.C.


Contributing to social integration with Leipzig United F.C. hears from Peter Schön of Leipzig United F.C. on the football projects attempting to aid the integration of refugees and other marginalised youth into German society

Leipzig United F.C. is a football project for children and young adults located in Grünau, in the west of Leipzig. United is open for everyone, regardless of background or social status. United supports children who have never played for a Football Club before or for those who can’t afford it as well as kids who are excluded (from other clubs) because of their behaviour.

In September 2013 we started the project in an asylum centre/refugee centre in Leipzig-Grünau. Our first football practice was attended by six children from Macedonia. Today, we offer regular football training for over 40 children from 15 different countries in three teams. Additionally, we play friendly matches as well as football tournaments against different teams from Leipzig. Since we want the children to learn more about their new hometown, we also offer field trips to different historic destinations and visits to sport events.


The main goal of the project is to prepare the kids for playing in a football club. To achieve that, we teach them basic values like fair play and commitment; we improve their language skills and we help to reduce potential barriers to participation. This season we teamed up with VFK Blau-Weiß Leipzig to form a new U15 and U17 team, where 30 of our football players take part.

Since we want the project to succeed in the long run, we work together with the district management of Grünau, the Football Association of Leipzig and of course with many different resident football clubs. We also cooperate with politicians, local companies and the city of Leipzig. Depsite all of that we still need additional support to reach our goals because we mostly realise the project with the help of our many volunteers. Leipzig United F.C. has shown that playing football boosts the kids’ self-esteem, enhances their social skills and helps integrate them into society.

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Monday, October 12, 2015 - 23:00