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The development of Khel Vikas’ community project in Lathi


The development of Khel Vikas’ community project in Lathi

Khel Vikas’ community project has developed by leaps and bounds, with three of its athletes having won medals at the recently concluded Inter-School District Weightlifting tournament.

Pro Sport Development’s (PSD) first ever community programme in Lathi has flourished for more than a year and now has students who are competing as weightlifters.

The students had their first taste of competition as 10 of them from Lathi competed in the Inter-School District Weightlifting competition, with two of them set to compete in the upcoming state championships.

The community project was started with the aim of establishing and educating the kids on the importance of being strong, well-coordinated and adaptable movers. This involved teaching them the right methods of movement which impact their daily lives, coupled with the intention to prevent postural compensations, which is a common problem in rural Odisha.

A step-by-step approach was formulated, guiding them through the basic infant development movement patterns. This approach is being implemented across all newcomers and classes.

Once their movement competencies were established, students underwent training which involved developing spatial awareness, integrating complexity in movement patterns and increasing their reactive skills. These movements are taught with the help of bamboo sticks and the local infrastructure available.

Drawings and videos were used and children were also exposed to local tournaments to help them understand and appreciate the environment of weightlifting. This eventually increases their capacity to support their body and prevents injuries in the long-run.

All these factors together enhance their overall health and performance on a gradual basis. By seeing other children of a similar age compete, it motivates them to learn and perform better. Additionally, the opportunity to meet people and share each other’s experiences reduces social anxiety and gives them more confidence.

The ultimate aim is to promote freedom through movement and help them comprehend how important that is.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014 - 23:00