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Disability sport in Tanzania continues to grow


Disability sport in Tanzania continues to grow

Children and young people living with disabilities in rural and remote parts of Tanzania now have the opportunity to engage with other peers facing the same challenges.

With the support from UK Sport, the Tanzania Paralympic Committee (TPC) is able to strengthen its outreach programmes to equip teachers with skills to deliver sports activities to children with disabilities.

Impact of support
For the past 3 years, UK Sport has worked with the TPC to enable them to become the lead organisation in Tanzania to deliver training to teachers. The TPC began training programmes to improve coaching and athlete performance as well as conduct sports leadership training in secondary schools. These school programmes provide young disabled people with an opportunity to learn and develop skills, which enable them to manage and lead sports teams and clubs to ensure the sustainability of their training.

One significant success of this partnership is the raised levels of awareness and calls to include learners with disabilities in school sports activities. This is evidenced by the Government’s integration of disabled athlete categories at national school championships, which were only re-introduced back into schools in 2010. These competitions will also provide a platform for talent identification of young athletes with the potential to reach international competitions.

The impact of London 2012
The international performance of this year’s Paralympic entry, Zaharani Selemani Mwenemti, will also help inspire a generation and reform opinions on disability sport.

“London 2012 will change how the public perceive people in sport with disabilities and disability itself,” says Johnson.

“When they see the achievements they can reach and see how encouraging people UK are, maybe they will also change their thinking and perception,” he continues.

Secretary General for the TPC, Iddi Kibwana, sees a great future for the development of disabled sport, “Now that the TPC will be involved with International Inspiration we are looking to see how we can grow and train more athletes for Rio.”

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Monday, September 10, 2012 - 23:00