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Discuss Recommendation 4 - financial stability

Discuss Recommendation 4 - financial stability

In June 09, the Forum on Productive Youth Development (PYD) Through Sport in Africa brought together participants from various countries and in various capacities - advocacy actors, donors, practitioners and policy-makers. The discussions produced 8 recommendations...

Here, we look at Recommendation 4:

Financial stability in S&D
"Enhance Financial Sustainability

  • Ensure donors are educated about Sport for PYD.
  • Avoid using development funds for the development of sport.
  • Encourage donors to commit to institutional funding over project-based funding and further encourage multi-year commitments."
What do you think of this recommendation?

Funding or financial support is imperative to ensuring Sport for PYD efforts can be carried out. It's interesting to note that the recommendation carefully warns against the use of development funds for sport development. But in Sport for PYD programmes, is the distinction easy to make? And what do we mean donor education? How can they become 'better educated'? Who's responsibility is it to educate them?

You can download the full set of recommendations by clicking on the link in the right hand margin


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Usha Selvaraju


Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - 23:00

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