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DIVERTcity launches action sports social entrepreneurship program & contest

DIVERTcity launches action sports social entrepreneurship program & contest

Startup offers social impact trip to Costa Rica with Skateboarding superstar Ryan Sheckler for best submission to Entrepreneurship Program.

DIVERTcity, a young action sports and social impact startup in Silicon Beach, is announcing the release of their free, online Entrepreneurship Program. Through a fast-paced, 11-episode course they will give anyone the opportunity to discover their unique talents and passions, uncover a valuable idea at the intersection of the two and develop it into a business that betters the world. Those that join the program will submit their ideas after completing the first three episodes and the student with the best idea will win an all expenses paid spot on the DIVERTcity’s Action Sports Journey to Costa Rica to join Ryan Sheckler and 50 other socially conscious travellers and entrepreneurs to travel with purpose.

The program takes participants through the development of idea creation, marketing, branding, finances, operations, leadership, pitching and more. Each episode examines a different company like Red Bull, Hurley, GoPro and others that are thought leader in the subject matter at hand. While we use action sports examples, this program will help with the development of any idea, whether it has to do with action sports or not. Through simple exercises in the program’s Discovery Worksheets, participants take these best practices and apply them to their idea. The outcome is a full idea deck which can be used to pitch their project to friends, partners, and anyone else.

Every student that wants to submit their idea and enter for a chance to win a spot on the Impact Journey, must sign up for the Action Sports Journey Contest on the webpage. Once signed up, participants will receive program release dates, contest updates, and if they win, travel information. In order to be eligible for the trip, participants must submit their idea decks to the DIVERTcity website by March 3rd, 2017. Ideas will be judged on thoroughness, impact, completeness and viability.

We are calling all change makers, idea junkies and serious builders to submit their idea to make the world a better place. If you have always thought about starting a business or you have a program that could benefit from an addition in entrepreneurship, this program is for you. Anyone can access the program online for free at anytime. Get ready to bring your, or your students, talents and passions into the world. Then get ready to be brought on the adventure of a lifetime. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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