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Do you believe in the power of sport and play? Volunteers needed for Uganda refugee camp

Copyrights: World At Play

Do you believe in the power of sport and play? Volunteers needed for Uganda refugee camp

World At Play, a UK-registered charity enriching lives through sport and play, is currently recruiting volunteers for its refugee programme in Uganda.

The UNHCR-run Rwamwanja Camp, in the south-west of the Uganda, hosts around 78,000 refugees. The majority are from the Democratic Republic of Congo and around 68% of the population is under 18. Education opportunities are extremely limited, with just 3% of young refugees able to access the only secondary school in the camp.

World At Play volunteers will run sport and developmental play sessions with children and young adults in the settlement. The activities are designed to bring joy to young lives; build essential skills like confidence and teamwork; as well as improve social inclusion within the host and refugee communities.

Following a successful project launch earlier this year, the organisation is now looking to recruit a new cohort of volunteers for its February 2020 departure. With just six places remaining, prospective volunteers are encouraged to register their interest immediately in order to receive a full application pack.

Copyrights: World At Play

Wendy Williams, senior manager at World At Play, said:

The children of Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement have faced huge problems. World at Play gives them the opportunity to learn through play, to develop confidence and to learn team work. This should be part of every child's development. We're proud of the joy that we bring to the children of Rwamwanja. We're also proud that our volunteers gain enormously from their time with us and for many it is a life-changing experience.”

Jerry, a World At Play volunteer in Uganda this year, said:

"As a refugee who has experienced the same things as these young people, forced to flee my home country at the age of 16, it is very easy to understand what this project means to these youths. Many are going through a lot of problems and these games have a great impact - helping to promote strong communication, cooperation, teamwork and peace in the community."

Restituta, team leader at UNHCR Rwamanha Camp, said of World At Play’s work:

A child’s learning is not only academic. Having the freedom to play and learn builds confidence and emotional balance. Playful education develops the whole personality of a child.”


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