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Doing an internship in sport and development


Doing an internship in sport and development

Steven Dass shares his experience of his time at sport development organisation, Pro Sport Development.

I am Steven Dass, a sports marketing graduate from Coventry University in the UK.

Why India?
The reason I chose to work with Pro Sport Development is because of the Khel Vikas project in rural parts of India. The potential to develop athletes is very high. Having done my research on the Khel Vikas project, I knew this internship would give me unique experiences in the sport development field.

Experiences at Pro Sport Development
I came to Pro Sport Development with an open mind and no expectations. Due to the speed of the Khel Vikas project, I quickly got involved and learnt a vast amount of work in the three months I was there. My daily tasks involved working on press releases, articles, documentary, social media management and video production.

A lot of the time I was travelling to different schools in Orissa, collecting content for our online platforms. As I was travelling I came across fantastic cultures, which I was delighted to be a part of. One thing which stood out to me is the school children’s eagerness to learn from the coaching staff at Khel Vikas.

I have witnessed tremendous developments in sporting structures, coaching and facilities in the short time I have been with Pro Sport Development. The school children in rural parts of Orissa are having a great experience in sport, and now have the opportunity to progress at an elite level.

From my time working at Pro Sport Development, I can see that the project will continue to grow and help under privileged communities, as well as nurture future talent. The three months I spent working on the Khel Vikas project has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I thank the Khel Vikas team for giving me this opportunity and helping me develop my skills and life experiences. I count myself lucky to be associated with a fantastic sport development initiative at the grassroots and elite levels.

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