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Dream Building Fund – applications open!

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Dream Building Fund – applications open!

Do you have an idea for bringing positive social change through table tennis? Submit your proposal now to the ITTF Foundation for the chance to make your dream come true.

Table Tennis is not just a sport, but a tool for positive social change, now more than ever before thanks to the Dream Building Fund.

The ITTF Foundation will be listening to your ideas about how to use the sport to make the world a better place.

Your aim could be to provide quality education to deprived kids; to bring about understanding between communities; to integrate minorities such as refugees back in society; to make the cities they live in more sustainable; to promote gender equality, peace and justice to make their lives fairer, safer and happier.

All of these dreams can become a reality, so get sending your ideas now to the ITTF Foundation to make it happen!

How does it work?

Applicants can apply for up to EUR 20,000 for small projects or up to EUR 35,000 for large projects, with the ITTF Foundation having up to EUR 150,000 available for all funded projects.

The project must have a social/humanitarian objective linked to one or more United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), must involve Table Tennis as the tool for change and must explain clearly their aim and why they need funding.

A clear Monitoring & Evaluation System will be implemented for the supervision and regular follow-up of the different projects to optimise the support provided by the ITTF Foundation.

Each project will last for up to 3 years and have a clear exit strategy defined at the end of its first year.

Who can apply?

The Dream Building Fund is open to any legally established and locally recognized non-profit, table tennis, sport or social organisation with a project of bringing about positive change in its local or foreign environment through the means of table tennis.

The organisation must have a point of contact who speaks English and has access to internet.

Application timeframe

Starting today, you can send your proposals to the ITTF Foundation, until the deadline of 10 February 2019.

Successful candidates will be announced during the month of March 2019.

Building dreams since 2003

The ITTF has a long history of working in social development, carrying out 30 projects in the last 15 years, bringing an impact to approximately a quarter of a million people around the world.

From contributing to conflict resolution in East Timor to educating and engaging children at schools in Uganda; from integrating refugees into society in Jordan to helping communities emerge from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

‘Solidarity through Table Tennis’ – the motto of the ITTF Foundation – is the message that has underpinned all of them.

Now it’s your turn to join us in making a difference through table tennis and make all of our dreams a reality.

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