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#dreamball winners announced

#dreamball winners announced

UNHCR and Alive and Kicking’s unique art contest saw 1600 young artists submit their dream ball designs, to illustrate the power of sport to bring us all together. Here are the five winners.

In April of 2021, UNHCR and Alive and Kicking held a special art contest for youth, to shed light on the power of sport to bring people together and create a sense of hope.

1,600 young artists from 100 countries designed their own “dream balls” to illustrate the power of sport to bring us all together. We received designs from children and youth all over the world, including refugees.

The five best #dreamball designs have now been chosen by a special panel of judges and we are turning them into real footballs!

You can order your favourite ball(s) right now. Proceeds will enable refugees to play football and other sports in safe and welcoming spaces supported by UNHCR – so they can heal, develop and grow.

  • Every ball is made by hand in Kenya.
  • The pattern is silk-screen printed onto locally sourced leather.
  • Every panel is stitched by hand by our highly skilled staff – who all receive a fair wage in order to support their families.

Nadira (16, Afghan refugee living in India)

“I was born a differently abled person. The sports world makes us, especially refugees and people who are called disabled, endeavour for the best. I have been passionate about drawing from an early age as it provides me with a tranquil space to freely express myself and the courage to face and overcome any issue in my life. I drew this football to show the inclusive aspect of sport and how it is capable of bonding people together. I wanted to show how sport can transform people’s lives along with bringing hope and joy to everyone, everywhere.”

  • Pre-order a Nadia ball here

Skarly (12, Venezuelan refugee living in Brazil)

“My drawing represents the union in sport. At the time that I was drawing it, I felt like I was exercising my mind. I’m a refugee from Venezuela. I’ve been in Brazil with my brother and my mother for one year. At the moment we’re in a temporary shelter. I’m already enrolled in the 6th year of elementary school.”

  • Pre-order a Skarly ball here

Hala (14, Palestinian refugee living in Saudi Arabia)

“I’ve loved drawing since I was young. About a year ago, I was attracted to the art of mandalas and I started painting a lot. I always try to invent new ideas, but I have never shown what I draw to anyone except for my parents. Finally, I hope to God that there will be no refugees and that everyone will return to their homeland and live in it with love, happiness and peace.”

  • Pre-order a Hala ball here

Gerald (23, Cameroonian refugee living in Italy)

“I arrived in Italy five years ago. After a few months, I became a volunteer and I started helping the less privileged in my community. I was later employed as a cultural mediator to work with the doctor in our reception centre. I’m currently the advisor for Unified with Refugees programming for the Special Olympics. In my drawing, I simply tried to show that sport is for everyone, just like the time on a clock, and does not look at our skin colour or physical condition. Sports bring hope and joy to those who practice it.”

  • Pre-order a Gerald ball here

James (10, Ireland)

“I play for Kilcock Celtic in County Kildare, and my dad coaches the team. We are due to start training again with the club as it was closed for a long time due to the pandemic. I am looking forward to training and playing with my team again. My artwork for this competition symbolizes hope. Hope is something that is very important at the moment for everyone – hope and positive thoughts.”

  • Pre-order a James ball here

Don’t miss your chance to buy these limited-edition balls and help people who have been forced to flee their homes. Find out more about the contest and the winners here.


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