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e-Debate: Caroline Gutton comments in Round 2

e-Debate: Caroline Gutton comments in Round 2

Caroline Gutton discusses two main challenges in maintaining a balance between sport and other components in S&D and recommends designing projects in consultation with specialists. Read her comments below...

Delivering a balanced or holistic approach in S&D programmes is often advised, but difficult to implement. In your opinion, what are three main challenges we face in trying to maintain a balance between sport and other components?

The first challenge is, without a doubt, not to consider sport as an end in itself or as a simple recreational activity but as a complementary tool to a development project.

The second challenge: it seems essential to work with local partners from other fields sharing the same objectives to develop the project together.

Each can therefore use a specific tool (sport is only one of them) which together will allow for interventions to respond to a particular issue, particular needs or a particular audience.

Can you describe a bad example of trying to embed sport in other interventions aimed at addressing health issues?

The main point not to forget is that sport on its own can't resolve everything, especially if it's a health issue.

Sports is only a tool that can be used as therapeutic support, it can also be a tool used to raise awareness on public health matters.

The biggest mistake would be to organize a health project without consulting specialists in that area (e.g. psychologists or health specialists) through all the stages of the project: from the conception until the follow-up.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 23:00