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East Africa Cup helps spread girls empowerment through sports


East Africa Cup helps spread girls empowerment through sports

Empowering of the female gender has immensely appeared to be the new focus of this tournament with Tanzania’s sports commissioner, Leonard Tadeyo urging the entire East African region to work together in uplifting the women in our society.

During the opening ceremony of the tournament, Mr Tadeyo said, "We need to use this kind of sporting opportunities in fighting the gender discrimination against women in our cultures. It is for this reason that Tanzania is welcoming all the involved countries into this annual event and urges the women to take up the role of participating into such a tournament".

He also acknowledged the efforts of the East Africa Cup organising committee for introducing the U-13 and U-16 football girls' categories which has enabled the young girls to fight the stigmatisation they are prone to facing in the society.

Kenya topped the list of the girls’ football teams that too place in the East Africa Cup, with a total of 14 teams from different organiations contesting for the annual title. Kenya had a representation of 5 teams in the U-13 girl’s category and 9 teams in the U-16 category. Tanzania followed with a total of 12 teams.

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Wanjiku Mwemda


Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 09:50

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