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East Africa Cup highlights

East Africa Cup highlights

Over the past few weeks there have been several exciting articles on the Platform regarding the East Africa Cup


The East Africa Cup has been supporting African football since 2004 and is the largest youth tournament in Africa and operates with the goal to empower youth through sports. Each year the Cup is held in Moshi, Tanzania during the final days of June.

This year’s event coincided with the World Cup in South Africa, the first ever held on the continent of Africa, making it one of the most successful tournaments ever. Over 1300 girls and boys between the ages 12-16 from Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda joined the festivities.

An African volunteer interviewed described his feelings about the world cup being in Africa, “I support all African teams in the World Cup, because first, the World Cup is in Africa. Secondly, the African teams are really playing quite well, and third I am an African by origin and I have to support all African teams.”

This year’s EAC benefited from the pride that Africans felt for having their continent positively showcased on the world stage.

The event included dedicated volunteers from all over the world with over two dozen Norwegian volunteers joining in the festivities. Also, experienced African volunteers provide, not only assistance, but also serve as role models. 

One volunteer observed how special the experience was for here when she remarked “I think it is great to be a volunteer because I can share something and I can get a lot back,” proving that the learning is not limited to the young participants but extends to the volunteers as well.

EAC Event summary
Though the EAC has ended you can still find out about the activities and follow the links listed below for more updates about the 2010 EAC and how to get involved in the 2011 event.

Visit the EAC website
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Get the latest updates on the EAC on Twitter
Check out the EAC Facebook page


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