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East Africa Cup - mapping to keep children safe


East Africa Cup - mapping to keep children safe

With child safeguarding being a key topic at this year's East Africa Cup, organisers and Save the Children Tanzania met to plan and map venues in order to keep children safe.

On 29 May 2013, members of East Africa Cup (EAC) Organising Committee, together with the leaders from Safe the Children Tanzania,  met in Moshi for the mapping of seminar rooms and accommodation at Bendel Memorial Secondary School and Moshi Technical School.

Bendel Memorial Secondary School, established in 2011, will be the centre for accommodation and seminar rooms for 600 girls that will be participating in this year's East Africa Cup. It is located 5 kilometers away from Moshi.

Moshi Technical Secondary School, established in 1957, is the centre of the EAC activities and is located about 3 kilometres from Moshi.

This school will accommodate 350 girls and 950 boys; it has 40 boys’ dormitories that will each accommodate at least 30 boys and 80 girls' dormitories that will each accommodate 4 girls. 

Moshi Technical Secondary School
Moshi Technical Secondary School is among the schools in Moshi and in Tanzania that teaches a normal secondary school curriculum in addition to technical subjects such as carpentry, welding and drawing.

The school has a provision for admitting disabled students who are taught the same subjects as other students.

The school sits in a compound of about 40 acres with two football fields, a volleyball field, a tennis court, a basketball court and over 20 class rooms; with trees all over the place it is a very conducive environment for children to learn.

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