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Educating global sport leaders for society

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Educating global sport leaders for society

The Global Master's Programme forges global connections for the future leaders in sport for society with a practical learning experience that also immerses students in other cultures and in-the-field experiences of sport for development.

Educating global sports leaders for society - this was the dream behind the new Global Master’s Programme (GMP). With countless trips back and forth between the three partnered Universities in South Africa, Japan and the Netherlands over the span of two years, a dream became a reality.

The GMP Sport for Development aims to educate students to become global citizens and future leaders in sport through knowledge of local, regional and international issues combined with academic knowledge of the meaning of sport in different contexts, as well as managing and governing sports organisations. Additionally, students are given training in professional skills such as leadership and management to build up traits that go along with knowledge of the field.

The Programme believes that the holistic educational approach can help students who will eventually be an effective part of (international) sports organisations to contribute to processes of social change, such as better health, more equality and less poverty, in a critical way and with insight into practice.

Theory, Practice, and Skills  

In February 2018, the first edition of the GMP kicked off at Utrecht University (UU) - the Netherlands with a total of 11 students: five students representing UU, three representing University of Tsukuba (UT) - Japan and three representing University of Johannesburg (UJ) - South Africa. The visit to the Netherlands focused on sport governance and the use of sport for social issues within a European context. The same eleven students travelled one month at a time to each of their Universities to experience and learn both from their own perspectives as well as the other’s. In July 2018, they experienced the role of sport in reconstructing communities after a natural disaster and the role of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Japan. Recently, the first batch of the GMP came to an end after an exciting stay in South Africa, where the Programme focused on peace building and poverty reduction in the context of urban and rural poverty. 


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