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#ESP2019 warm-up with Sara Massini: “SCORE for diversity in governance”

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#ESP2019 warm-up with Sara Massini: “SCORE for diversity in governance”

ENGSO shares an interview with a key presenter of the European Sport Platform 2019 on the topic of diversity and inclusion ahead of the event.

Diversity in governance is a "must have", if we would like to run our sports organisation effectively. ENGSO is an advocate for diversity, that is why one of the topics at the second European Sport Platform tackles this highly important topic. Sara Massini, head of the international department at OPES Italia and ENGSO executive committee member will present a former Erasmus+ sport project and its national follow-up initiative that focuses on diversity in governance. We sat down with Sara to learn more about this topic.

Q: Why do you think that diversity in governance is important in sports organisations?

A: First of all, we have to say that diversity in governance is crucial in all kinds of organisations at all levels, not only in sport. In fact, in order to make a good decision and provide answers for such a diverse society in which we all live, it is important to have a heterogeneous governing body that is able to represent and understand what diversity is. However, when it comes to sports organisations, it is even more important to open the governance to diversity. 

Sports organisations provide services and programmes for so many people who are diverse in age, gender, culture and many more aspects. And nowadays, the stimulations and the opportunities for citizens are so many that it is becoming more and more complex to attract new people and address their needs properly. 

The governance of an organisation should be able to reflect this diversity, this will allow them to make better and healthier decisions, reach higher goals and to respond to social challenges better and faster. Diversity is always an added value, especially in good governance, and we need to maintain our commitment to make sports organisations more and more open to that at all levels.

Q: How did the SCORE project tackle the topic of diversity and what were the key elements of the project?

A: The SCORE project was a European project supported by the Erasmus+ sport programme, led by ENGSO to promote equal opportunities, namely gender equality, in coaching. It focused on increasing the number of employed and volunteer female coaches at all levels of sport as well as on enhancing knowledge on gender equality in coach education. 

The reason for a project specifically dedicated to foster gender equality in coaching is because of the under-representation of women in sports coaching throughout all EU member states. Figures show that between 20-30% of all sports coaches in Europe are women and the number of women with coaching qualifications seems to be even lower. 

So, if it is true that we need to have more diversity represented in the governance of sports organisations, it is also true that coaches are the first faces that people meet in the sports environment, particularly at the grassroots level. They are the ones that represent the sports organisation the most, and also the ones who inspire athletes at all levels in starting a sports career. This is why there is a strong need to increase the representation of women in sport and coaching.

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  • Sara Massini will give more insight to the topic of diversity in governance at the European Sport Platform on 5 October. You can register to the #ESP2019 by clicking here and you can learn more about all the topics covered by clicking here

The #ESP2019 is organised by ENGSO, in partnership with the European Lotteries, and hosted by OPES Italia


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