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Establish Pan-America Traditional Sports and Games HQ in Delano, emphasises Hari Banaag

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Establish Pan-America Traditional Sports and Games HQ in Delano, emphasises Hari Banaag

Shammi Rana, rapporteur for UNESCO's Traditional Sports and Games (TSG), and Hari Banaag met with US representatives in California to discuss promoting traditional sports and games.

Recently, a meeting was held in Delano, California, between high-profile members of UNESCO (including Mr. Shammi Rana, rapporteur of Traditional Sports and Games, along with Mr. Hari, a member of the Advisory Committee of Traditional Sports and Games) and Terrance John Cox - U.S Representative from California’s 21st Congressional district - along with Mr. Joe Aguirre, Mayor of Delano, USA.

Mr. Shammi Rana has been the pinnacle of sports promotion, which has landed him the USA martial arts Hall of Fame award. Not long ago, he was honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy and Martial Arts Science by the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies, in May 2019.

Mr. Shammi Rana, who was appointed rapporteur of the Advisory Committee of Traditional Sports and Games, in 2017, has held memberships in 10 martial arts organisations in Asia. For over 20 years, he has worked with several state VIPs to advance sports to the next level.

As a part of internationally governing associations, Mr. Shammi Rana, vice president of the International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports highlighted on promoting Korean martial arts in none other than his hometown of Punjab.

His influence as a promoter of sports has been recognised globally, owing to his professional career and tireless efforts.

In the meeting that took place in Delano, Mr. Hari Osias Banaag, the president of Global Sikaran Federation raised his concern with the Congressman Terrance John Cox, a politician in the U.S. and a member of Democratic Party, on establishing a pan-America Traditional Sports and Games HQ in Delano, CA.

Mr. Hari further added that a pan-America Traditional Sports and Games HQ would bring Delano on the world map.

Mr. Hari Osias Banaag is a US-based Filipino Grandmaster of martial arts who is determined to take Filipino sport to its highest level. His motivation for this sport comes from his father, as Mr. Hari established his own martial arts school by the name of Foremost Sikaran Brotherhood in 1976. He is inspired to get Filipino sport the global recognition it deserves.

The meeting in Delano unveiled Mr. Hari’s desire to host the UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games meeting with the support of Mr. Joe Aguirre, Mayor of Delano. Both the parties reached an agreement to discuss the matter in detail in another meeting.

Mr. Hari and Mr. Shammi Rana briefed Terrance John Cox and Mr. Joe Aguirre about the collaboration of Council of Ministers of Central America (CECC/SICA) with the Advisory Committee on Traditional Sports and Games (TSG).

Terrance John Cox, an MBA graduate, and a successful businessman started his journey for the United States House of Representatives back in 2006. His triumph was not before the 2018 elections, where he became a sound member of the Democratic Party in California’s 21st congressional district.

It was further added in the meeting by the members of the Advisory Committee of TSG, that the Mexican and Canadian government along with their ministers and representatives are keen to join hands with TSG.

UNESCO works as an implementation agency of the United Nation (UN) and is responsible for the growth of sports in the Pan-American region with possible support of the US government.

UNESCO is taking every possible measure to spur traditional sports and games on a global level while Mr. Shammi Rana along with other members of UNESCO, demonstrate exceptional profile-raising skills in order to attract presidents and ministers for the common cause of promoting UNESCO objectives.


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