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EURO campaign raises EUR 500,000


EURO campaign raises EUR 500,000

The UEFA EURO 2008™ Score for the Red Cross humanitarian campaign –staged by UEFA and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – has proved to be a resounding success, with just over €500,000 collected for the rehabilitation project for landmine victims in Afghanistan.

Sterling work

The sterling work of the ICRC and the backing of the football community and supporters showed that June's EURO tournament in Austria and Switzerland had positive overtones away from the field as well. Lives are being rebuilt as a result of the campaign, in which Manchester United FC and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo served as an ambassador. The provision of artificial limbs and gradual rehabilitation will help to restore landmine victims' lost dignity. The ICRC also facilitates their reintegration into family and community life by offering vocational training and help in getting a job.

UEFA and fans' donations

The tally of 77 goals at UEFA EURO 2008™ means that €308,000 was collected from UEFA alone. European football's governing body pledged to donate €4,000 for each goal scored in the tournament. In addition, more than €200,000 collected from fans contributed to the web-driven campaign. Germany, thanks to their ten goals at UEFA EURO 2008™ and the generosity of their supporters, won the fundraising competition ahead of Spain and the Netherlands to become "humanitarian champions of Europe". Donations will also support activities of 16 of the participating National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.

Support and solidarity

"I would like to thank football fans for their generous support and the solidarity they showed with mine victims, and congratulate Germany on their fine win," said UEFA's director of communications, William Gaillard. "Thanks also to the Austrian FA, Swiss Tourism and TEAM [UEFA's marketing partner], who were among the many institutions which joined the fans in scoring for the Red Cross and made significant pledges to help make a difference."

Great needs

"The needs are great in Afghanistan," said Alberto Cairo, head of the ICRC's programme for the war-disabled in Afghanistan. "Sadly, the number of people injured or who have lost limbs as a consequence of landmines is huge. Out of the 15,000 people who seek assistance at our limb-fitting centre each year, over 3,500 will be helped thanks to the generosity of football fans."

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Sunday, September 21, 2008 - 23:00

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