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Faces of SDP: Local heroes just doing good

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Faces of SDP: Local heroes just doing good

The Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Network invite you to join their campaign for IDSDP 2019!

Many are the achievements of visionaries, pioneers, activists, athletes, coaches, leaders, law makers, parents, friends and teams across the world whose efforts laid the foundation for the use of sport in development and peace programming. People to whom we owe admiration and whose actions continue to inspire us to act. Collective actions that embody the spirit of sport; respect, discipline, fairness and diversity.

This year, the Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Network will be celebrating the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace by launching the Faces Campaign, where we aim to bring together on one platform unfamiliar or out of the ordinary people who are champions and changemakers in applying and advocating for sport in development and peace work (SDP).

Realising the potential that showcasing different, dynamic and diverse perspectives in SDP can have, CYSDP's Faces Campaign will bring to the global conversation people and stories that are inspiring and empowering - sharing achievements, possibilities and visions of the power of sport to catalyse peace and development that make our communities more prosperous, harmonious and that advance the sustainable goals. These people are Champions and changemakers, people whose actions have contributed towards creating and fostering peace and development in unexpected ways.

As a thought leader and youth network in SDP, CYSDP's drive is the strength and diversity of its representation and the Commonwealth's young people, who are today's and tomorrow's #SDPheroes.

This is a rallying call therefore - to harness our power and really and fully collaborate, innovate, create and advance change that ensures reduced inequalities across the Commonwealth by empowering and promoting social, economic and inclusive development and progress (SDG Goal 10).

CYSDP is also involved in a global project working towards measuring the contribution of sport, physical education and physical activity to the SDGs. To make our mark in the Vision 2030 legacy and to co-create a more peaceful and progressive world through harnessing the unlimited potential of sports is what we're asking you to do!

  • Send us your story to volunteer and feature in the campaign or send us a one-minute video highlighting the benefits of sport for development and peace with the SDG 10 in mind to:


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Jacqueline Njeri


Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 12:27

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