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Facilitating children's fundamental right to play in Pakistan


Facilitating children's fundamental right to play in Pakistan

The Sports and Fitness Association of Pakistan, along with Community Sports Volunteers and Doha GOALS student ambassadors, will be organising a fundraiser while promoting children's right to play.


Community Sport Pioneers (CSP) and Doha GOALS student ambassadors from Pakistan will organise an event to raise funds and sports equipment for underprivileged children to facilitate their fundamental right to play.

"Kahil Khilonay" is a project of the Sports and Fitness Association of Pakistan to include neglected communities through sport.

It trains youth to work for the next generation for development of community through sport. CSP's are qualified young volunteer students from different educational institutions of Pakistan. They are eager to learn community issues and solve them for the betterment of our next generation.

6 April is a day for the sport community to work for development and peace through sport. Last year on the day of sport and development for Peace we organised an archery championship and invited some underprivileged schools children to play and enjoy.

They felt happy and the harmony expressed on their faces reflected the true value of sport. I personally appreciate UN and IOC for this effort to unite the world for change through IDSDP and support every year to organise this day full of Olympic values and colours.


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Shahid Ul Haq


Sunday, March 8, 2015 - 23:00