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‘By far the best nine weeks of my life’


‘By far the best nine weeks of my life’

James Acton from the UK interned with sport development organisation Pro4Sport Solutions (P4SS) on its Khel Vikas project in India. He shares his experience.


I am James Acton, a 24-year-old sport development student from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.

Why India?
When I was looking for opportunities to work in the sport development field, I came across the internship offered by P4SS on its Khel Vikas project in Odisha. The more I read about their work online, the more I became intrigued and interested in coming to India.

My experience
A working day for P4SS is exhilarating, varied and unique; giving multiple challenges and vital experience as well as opportunities that surpass expectations. The different areas of work mean that time is split between the office and the field. Some of the time was spent creating training session plans, developing a PE curriculum and supporting project management activities in the office. At the same time, I was working in the community or school leading PE classes, doing community coaching, helping with after school sport programmes and assisting in organising tournaments.

The varying jobs, responsibilities and roles each individual has here enhances the experience. The workforce is small, which means there are ample opportunities to get involved. If someone has the desire and willingness to succeed, then the team here has opportunities to offer. I consider myself lucky that I seized one of these.

5k Barefoot Run
The amount of pride and joy I felt on being given the opportunity to manage this unique event was immeasurable. I worked on it with the continuous support of the entire team. This essentially sums up the organisation - everyone willing to help everyone in the team.

The success I have seen this organisation achieving in the short time since arriving here highlights the determination of this unique group of people. To sum up my experience, I would say it was by far the best 9 weeks of my life.  

  • Great experience – responsibilities, opportunities, perspectives
  • Variety of jobs – office, non office 
  • Great co-workers – sharing the same goal, passion, drive, determination, friends for life
  • Food – a weak point of mine, expect change

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Sunday, August 11, 2013 - 23:00