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Favourite e-Newsletter moments


Favourite e-Newsletter moments

Having reached this significant milestone, the Operating Team reflects on the evolution of the e-Newsletter and brings you five of our favourite moments from the early days.

If you have been following for long enough, you will remember that the sportanddev e-Newsletter started out as a monthly publication and looked nothing like it does today. In fact, it was not until June 2010 (issues 22 and 23) that you started receiving two e-Newsletters a month.

Starting out small, the sportanddev e-Newsletter has become a widely consumed online publication that informs the S&D community of the latest news from the sector.

1. The very beginning (Issue 1-September 2008)
The first issue of the “International Platform on Sport and Development e-Newsletter” featured three articles, including an introduction to sportanddev and a description of its latest developments. 99 issues later, the number of e-Newsletter subscribers continues to grow.

2. The new look (Issue 8-April 2009)
Issue 8 introduced the current e-Newsletter template and colour scheme. This look has largely remained the same over the years, including “News & Upcoming Events” and “Latest from the Community” sections. Issue 8 also included the sportanddev logo as it is today and a thumbnail photo of Usha Selvaraju, web editor until the end of 2012. Job and volunteer opportunities were added for the first time four months later, a popular feature of the e-Newsletter.

3. The e-Debate (Issue 15 – November 2009)
Issue 15 launched the highly anticipated S&D e-Debate. The 24 e-Debaters, including Johann Olav Koss (CEO Right to Play) and Mogens Kirkby (President ISCA), focused on the theme of sport and health. The e-Debate was an important event for the S&D community as it brought together a number of experts to discuss critical issues in S&D.

4. The OT heads south (Issue 17 – January 2010)
For a period of time the Operating Team (OT) was based in both Switzerland and South Africa. Chris Middleton headed south in order to provide close coverage of the events leading up to the 2010 South Africa World Cup. Issue 17 also featured Chris for the first time as editor of the e-Newsletter.

5. The East Africa Cup (Issue 46 – June 2011)
Issue 46 included the OT’s coverage of the East Africa Cup. Taking place in Moshi, Tanzania once a year since 2004, it is a major sport tournament that brings together youth teams and S&D practitioners from communities across East African. sportanddev has provided coverage of this event for the past three years.

Every initiative has a starting point and for the sportanddev e-Newsletter it was in September 2008. The ongoing success of this publication is a result of a dedicated readership and a growing interest in S&D.

Taking a look back at its evolution is a reminder of the hard work that goes into ensuring that every second Wednesday the sportanddev e-Newsletter reaches the inboxes of S&D enthusiasts around the world.


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