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FIRE+ project website launched

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FIRE+ project website launched

The website for the FIRE+ (Further Football Including Refugees) project has been launched to strengthen the use of sport to integrate refugees.

The FIRE (Football Including Refugees) project original website has been redesigned to become the FIRE+ website. All the original FIRE project content has been kept and converted to this website, which provides information, tools and resources on the inclusion of refugees through football. These resources can enable actors across the football ecosystem to better cater to the needs of refugees.

The recent migrant crisis has unleashed extensive political debates and media coverage on the increased migration of people into Europe. Sport is a powerful tool which can boost social inclusion and bring people together, regardless of their background or identity. The FIRE+, (Further Football Including Refugees) Project intends to welcome and include newcomers through football.  FIRE+ aims to encourage new and complementary vocations within grassroots organisations to engage in the social inclusion of asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants.

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme, this two-and-a-half year initiative is the continuation of the FIRE project, promoting football for the inclusion, participation, socialisation and access to sport for asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants at the grassroots level. The FIRE+ project began in 2021 and will continue till mid-2023. sportanddev is a proud partner of the FIRE+ project, which is led by Sport and Citizenship, and involves many leading organisations.

With support from diverse project partners, FIRE+ strives to further recognise the needs and differing realities of different migrants. The One of the key outputs of the project is a MOOC (massive open online course), developed in the framework of the FIRE project. The MOOC, a cornerstone of the FIRE+ project, aims to understand all the steps involved in setting up a project to include refugees through football. Two new models have been proposed to update the MOOC, focusing on the inclusion of women and girls and on children and unaccompanied minors, to take their specific issues and realities into consideration.

Visit to check out the new website and access all the FIRE+ resources!


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Monday, February 7, 2022 - 07:16

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