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The first European Sport Platform is approaching!

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The first European Sport Platform is approaching!

sportanddev will report from the event in Budapest.

16 November will mark the first European Sport Platform, a two day conference which will gather international and local stakeholders, policymakers and academics to share and debate on the future of sport clubs in Europe. The event is guided by two themes: ‘the modern sports club’ and ‘esports meets sports clubs’.

The platform, hosted by ENGSO and the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation, will include a keynote address from Peter Mattsson, Director of Sport at the Swedish Sports Confederation, on new visions for sports clubs. There will also be sessions devoted to the development of esports, and how modern sport clubs can promote inclusion and health among citizens.

Among the speakers, Zehra Sayin, CEO of Special Olympics Belgium, will look at how to promote social inclusion through sport. Hans Jagnow, President of the German Esports Federation, will give an introduction to esports in Europe to kick off sessions on the growth of esports and gaming.  

Altogether the two day event is poised to offer new perspectives on unique topics often overlooked in the larger context, but which are vital to understanding future trends and how to make sport more accessible and inclusive for all.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 12:13

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