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Five quotes about gender and sport

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Five quotes about gender and sport

A plenary discussion on day two of the Peace and Sport Forum included some important statements.

A plenary session called “The Journey Towards Gender Equity in Sport” took place on the afternoon of 24 November at the Peace and Sport Forum in Monaco. The audience heard a range of stories from panelists with different backgrounds. The quotes below give a flavor of the discussion. 

Maria Tourpakai, founder of the Maria Tourpakai Foundation and Peace and Sport Champion for Peace

Women were supposed to be created from Adam’s womb but the reality is that women give birth to men.

Marja Ruotanen, director human dignity and equality within the Directorate General of Democracy, Council of Europe

"I have a daughter and I don’t think she would like to play beach volleyball because women are portrayed as sexual objects in most cases.”

Stiliani Chroni, president of Women Sport International

“What we know right now is that the locker rooms or the clothing are not the problems… The problem is the power…. Sexual exploitation is about power – sexual exploitation in different forms is about control.”

Aya Medani, member of the Athletes’ Commission, International Olympic Committee and Peace and Sport Champion for Peace

“For governments, fathers and husbands – please give your daughters and wives the support and the position to succeed and we will also support you.”

Maria Tourpakai

“It has to be possible to do it… transgender people should have access to sport. Sport should be accessible to everyone.”

The Peace and Sport International Forum 2016 continues in Monaco with the Peace and Sport Awards taking place this evening. Visit the Peace and Sport website for more information.


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