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Football For All in Vietnam's role in AFC Grassroots Year 2013


Football For All in Vietnam's role in AFC Grassroots Year 2013

Attempting to support and encourage wider particpation in football, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has declared 2013 the Grassroots Football Year and 188 of FFAV's activities have been approved as a part of the events.

AFC recognises the positive impact grassroots football has on the society and the immense benefits in education, health and sport. Grassroots football is about creating a safe environment for children to have fun and play.

Considering these values, one can easily see Football For All Vietnam’s tight connection to this campaign and therefore we are honored to announce that AFC has approved a total of 188 of FFAV activities this year as a part of the Grassroots Year official activities. This includes local tournaments, football schools and the recent FFAV Cup 2013. For this event AFC’s Grassroots ambassador, Mehdi Mahdavikia from Iran, joined the group of visitors to experience the work of FFAV first hand. The former Hamburg SV player was impressed by the happy atmosphere during all events, especially from our energetic volunteers.

We are looking forward to organising every future event in the same spirit. While our football schools offer opportunities for children to try out different fun football activities, attracting more players to the club, local tournaments are held with non-competitive matches. Winning is not the most important thing here but every team can play as many matches as possible. Both events have integrated life skill activities that the children can attend in between matches or lessons. Through fun games and quizzes, kids can learn a lot about traffic safety, personal hygiene, HIV/AIDS prevention and mine risk education. 

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Friday, July 19, 2013 - 00:00