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Football for Hope Centre opens in Kenya

Football for Hope Centre opens in Kenya

The 2nd of the proposed 20 Football for Hope Centres has opened in Kenya adjacent to the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) headquarters.

The opening of the 2nd Centre was a festive affair featuring a live performance by popular Kenyan group Haba na Haba and an exhibition match from the MYSA team that recently won the Football for Hope festival.

Federico Addiechi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for FIFA remarked:
“This Centre is for the youth of Mathare. We certain that this place will be used to continue achieving positive change in this environment. I must say that there is no better deserving organisation to host this centre than MYSA, they have done a lot of good work for the Kenyan youth for the past two decades and we hope that this centre will further strengthen their work.”

Life in the slums can be difficult given that unemployment, crime, illiteracy, HIV/AIDs, and poor sanitation are rampant. MYSA has excelled in providing a safe and motivating environment for at-risk youth and the newly inaugurated Football for Hope Centre with its advanced facilities will further enable them to continue their work.

As one MYSA student noted:
“The reality is, when you come from here (Kayole), opportunities are very scarce. Sometimes there is a will, but without opportunities that doesn’t really help. I believe this will create such opportunities, it will inspire many people my age to start dreaming beyond their current circumstances. We are extremely excited about this centre and we are looking forward to visiting it on regular intervals.”

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Marvin Smith


Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 23:00

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