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Football simulation for the water sanitation

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Football simulation for the water sanitation

Inuka Direct is conducting a simulation hoping to teach communities to handle different issues.


On 6 April, we will deliver a football simulation depicting a community under pressure. We are hoping this will lead to solving a water crisis. The session will not only teach participants about pressure football but also impart in them decision making ,communication, teamwork, leadership and listening skills.


6 April is not just a date but a moment-of-a-world in itself, where people get to re-energise the mission of peace by plugging in sports.

Inuka Direct IDSDP 2018 toolkit

As the world awaits the International Day of sports for Development and Peace, Inuka Direct is set to deliver a session on sanitation and its relation to conflict. The 2018 ISDP toolkit has adapted pressure football to simulate the importance of community ownership in resolving their problems, using of local resources and dealing with effects and severity of crises that they may encounter.

Inuka Direct has chosen to use a case application of a cholera outbreak to illustrate that communities don’t have to depend on solutions that are suggested from outside but by taking lead through partnerships with various stakeholders to proactively identify local solutions. The toolkit is free to use by anyone, even beyond 6 April and possible users are free to implement the toolkit according to their prevailing local conditions in different thematic areas i.e. environment, cultural integration to mention but a few.


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