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Football Used As A Conflict Resolution Tool

Football Used As A Conflict Resolution Tool

Mercy Corps is at work in northern Uganda. Kate Dilley, a Youth Program Intern for Mercy Corps Uganda, recently visited the Pader District, and in her blog describes the work being done there as ''inspirational''

Mercy Corps is involved in a number of projects and activities focussed on alleviating problems being experienced in this area.

There is a “Livelihoods Team” enhancing road infrastructure, while also providing jobs; the “Agriculture Team” provides seeds, tools and education to help communities through agriculture, and there is also a “Water and Sanitation team” building latrines and wells.

In addition there is the constant need for conflict resolution and peace building work. Football is used to assist with this. The objective of the youth program being run is to provide income generating skills and life skills training.

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Shane Crowhen


Thursday, November 5, 2009 - 23:00

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