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"Fotbal pro rozvoj" – New visions for youth work in Czech Republic


"Fotbal pro rozvoj" – New visions for youth work in Czech Republic

A partnership between Sport-The Bridge and INEX-SDA is developing new concepts and concrete measures to expand football for development activities in the Czech-Republic.

Swiss Sport – The Bridge members Samuel Bieri and Thierry Graf participate in a three-day workshop on football for development in the Czech Republic. Organised by INEX-SDA, the workshop is part of a partnership programme set up between both organisations and funded by the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme.

The Czech association for voluntary activities INEX-SDA leads an annual one-month summer campaign together with Kenyan NGO Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA), where they organise football tournaments and other football for development activities in different regions of the Czech Republic. Starting in 2017 these activities should be expanded to several months during the year. Thus, a new concept has to be found.

In order to develop new concepts and concrete measures leading to the expansion of football for development activities, INEX-SDA initiated the partnership with Sport – The Bridge. It consists of three workshops happening between November 2015 and June 2016. Sport – The Bridge’s role is to transfer specific know-how on how to use football for tackling social issues (KRAFT model) as well as giving inputs on the implementation of the new expanded programme (Laureus Street Soccer by


Workshop participants include project organisers as well as volunteers from INEX-SDA, social workers from different regions of the Czech Republic and experts from both countries. In short, three main goals are on the agenda. First, provide social workers with a sport-pedagogical tool for their needs in the daily work with clients. Second, plan and implement a nation-wide street football league for at risk youth. Third, strengthen the cooperation between beneficiaries, young leaders, the Czech “low-threshold clubs” (similar to youth centres), INEX-SDA as well as international partners.

Štěpán Kyncl, project coordinator at INEX-SDA for "Fotbal pro rozvoj" (Football for Development) says: “I think the process is going well. Having the Swiss experts here is something new and unique for us and our partners. I feel that there is a lot of contribution and plenty of inspiration, as they have a lot of know-how and experience. They are also helpful in mirroring our thoughts assisting us to gain a critical view on our ambitions. The main principle of this partnership is to further develop football for development activities. From this point of view, I am happy that also our Swiss partner takes some inspiration back home. This all constitutes the big added value of this partnership.

Interestingly enough, the 2012 Eurocamp in Poland organised by streetfootballworld laid the ground for this Czech-Swiss partnership as volunteers from both organisations were involved there. Three years later, this friendship led to the launch of a fruitful partnership. Moreover, it turned out that both organisations were indirectly linked through their ties with East African sport and development programmes. Sport – The Bridge runs a long-term programme for street children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and INEX-SDA has a strong partnership with MYSA, one of the biggest sport associations worldwide working with youths. As both African organisations work together in the East African streetfootballworld network, it became time for their European counterparts to strive for a direct partnership.

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