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Four continents, four countries and the 2nd IDSDP

Four continents, four countries and the 2nd IDSDP

The celebration of the 2nd IDSDP inspired young leaders from different parts of the world to work together closely on cross-sector promotion of sport for development and peace.

Young leaders from Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Qatar and Croatia took the initiative and founded the Non-Formal Intercontinental Group for the Celebration of IDSDP in order to exchange their vision and ideas on what Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) actually represents to each of them. That idea got positive feedback from their friends and colleagues and very soon there were many people who decided to take part in the celebration. Thanks to this, they activated not only local communities, but also many organisations related to SDP.

Even though members of the group did not have any financial support, they organised great events with many famous national athletes joining the celebrations. For instance in Qatar, students from Qatar University, a few sports enthusiasts and the International Fitness Alliance volunteered together with the Aspire organisation, to gather more than 200 people to participate in many activities including: a football tournament, a children activity section, Goal Ball Games and Wheel Chair Basketball. They received media attention too.

In Croatia, the Croatian United Nations Association and the Croatian Olympic Committee organised a football tournament with many Olympic friends, including the Croatian Olympians Club, the Alpbach Club Croatia, the Club of Albanian Students in Zagreb, and the Croatian Actors Team.

All in all, together with Tanzania and Trinidad and Tobago they feel as though they achieved their goal. For the next year, they look forward to sharing their practice with new young leaders and to make new friendships all over the world. Hereby, we invite all readers with a similar mindset to join us the next year.

If you are interested in getting involved in next year's activities, please contact Nenad Borkovic at:


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Monday, April 27, 2015 - 23:00