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Frame Football's latest signing

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Frame Football's latest signing

Though still a young sport, Frame Football is continuing to grow to support opportunities for young people with disabilities.

The Frame Football Association is a volunteer organisation designed to increase participation opportunities for users of walking frames. This includes the organising of tournaments, festivals and games for participants aged 3 to 18.

The first ever match was played in the UK in 2014 at the Aston Villa academy in Birmingham. It wasn’t until the following year that there was to be the first ever Frame Football Tournament hosted by Counden Court FC. In advance of this competition, the Frame Football Association (FFA) was formed to raise awareness and maximise participation.

Due to the success of this tournament there was a call for more teams to be established and the FFA assist more players, parents and coaches. There are now clubs spread across the UK, meaning young people with disabilities have a greater chance of being able to play the sport they love.

The FFA also have support from professional clubs through their community outreach programmes. This includes Albion in the Community (West Bromwhich Albion) and the Newcastle United Foundation. It has also been possible to hold events at St Georges Park, the national football centre located in Staffordshire.

The FFA have recently celebrated the birth of a new member of the Frame Football family, as a project was launched in Jersey. This is evidence that the organisation continues to grow and provide opportunities for young people with disabilities to get involved and get active. The Jersey Frame Football is supported by Cerebral Palsy Sport and Jersey Wanderers FC.

The sport has expanded outside of the UK,  with Frame Football teams and training sessions in the Republic of Ireland, Brazil, Malta and Malaysia.

Visit the Frame Football Association Facebook page to learn more.


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