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Game changing: Join 5,600 learners and build your capacity in sport for development with our global online course

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Game changing: Join 5,600 learners and build your capacity in sport for development with our global online course

Looking to boost your skills and knowledge in using sport for development? Sign up today for our updated open access game-changing global course.

Link to course registration page: open for sign-up

5,600 learners. All six continents. 185 countries. And counting.

The massive open online course (MOOC) - Sport for Sustainable Development: Designing effective policies and programmes has been a major success since its launch in July 2020.

The course is open access and free of charge – and has been well received by a range of stakeholders, including policymakers and practitioners, academics and students, athletes and coaches – attracting actors both within and beyond sport. Education institutions, sports bodies and federations, sport for development (S4D) actors and mainstream humanitarian and development organisations have all used the course to improve and sustain their work.

Stakeholder testimonials of the course

Since its launch in July 2020, the course was comprehensively assessed and improved for a second run, including feedback from an expert reference group and through a learner survey.


  • 97% of learners surveyed* indicated the course met or exceeded their expectations
  • 98% of learners surveyed* indicated they gained new knowledge or skills in the course
  • 92% of learners surveyed* indicated that they were satisfied with the course
  • 78% of learners surveyed* indicated that they have shared learnings with other people
  • Excellent learner engagement with structured peer to peer learning and networking
  • Gender split of enrolled learners – 50% female / 49% male (1% non-binary) **

Further, 73% of learners surveyed have applied the information, tools and resources from the course in their policies and programmes, meaning the course has a real-world impact.

What do the learners say? Reviews of the course

The course is designed to build capacity among individuals and organisations using sport for development in their policies and programmes. It is suitable both for those new to the field of sport for development and seasoned professionals looking to build their skills and expertise. It is relevant to public sector officials, civil society and private sector actors, as well as scholars.


The course is developed and managed by the International Platform on Sport and Development (sportanddev), the Australian Government and Commonwealth Secretariat to maximise the contribution sport can make to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other priorities.

The course features contributions from around the world and was designed in conjunction with an expert reference group and academic team. It empowers learners to explore aspects of programme design and implementation and understand how to measure the impact of policies and programmes. It also explores key concepts on sport and gender equality, disability, human rights, social inclusion, peacebuilding and safeguarding, with practical insights from experts. The course is deliberately interactive and includes engaging video and audio content, as well as encouraging learners to share their on-ground experiences and insights at every stage. 

For more information on the course and to sign up, please visit the course page

For more information, please contact:
Ben Sanders, Course Lead Educator, sportanddev:

* The post-course survey is optional, meaning it has not been completed by all learners
** Gender and other demographic information is optional and not provided by all learners


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