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Generations For Peace training sets standards in peace-building


Generations For Peace training sets standards in peace-building

Volunteers from 11 countries have taken their conflict transformation capacities to a new level by participating in the third Samsung Advanced Training event.

Speaking at the official press conference for the third Generations For Peace Samsung Advanced Training, HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, founder and chairman of Generations For Peace, reflected on his discussions with the training participants over the previous five days. The participants commented that the training was a resounding success, and set new standards in their peace-building knowledge exchange, and in their own development as conflict transformation change makers.

The training, which took place on 18-22 April 2013, gathered 37 experienced Generations For Peace volunteers from eleven countries, to stretch their knowledge and skills in conflict transformation facilitation, programme design, monitoring and evaluation. The training also focused on “horizontal learning” and the sharing and exchange of experiences, success stories and best practices, as well as challenges and lessons learned across different programmes.

In his remarks made at the press conference, which was live-streamed to worldwide media, HRH Prince Feisal praised Generations For Peace volunteers and stressed the importance of their work at the grassroots level in their communities around the world: “As role models, trainers and facilitators, our pioneers are cascading values, knowledge and skills in conflict transformation to others in their communities, supporting greater understanding, tolerance and trust across conflict divides… They come from 11 different countries, and from communities facing very different challenges, but they share the values of Generations For Peace – and a shared determination to take personal action to create a better future.

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