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Girls breaking the barriers through rugby in Bangladesh

Girls playing rugby in Bangladesh
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Girls breaking the barriers through rugby in Bangladesh

"Rugby gives me the kick of confidence to fight perceptions and social norms."

Girls and women face a disproportionate number of life challenges, which reduces their ability to achieve their full potential. Recent studies show that despite formal guarantees of equality, the overall rate of progress for women, particularly those from the poorest and most marginalised regions has been slow. Women and girls continue to encounter inequalities and deprivations in their daily lives, which prevent them from contributing toward both the creation of more equitable societies and sustainable development within their communities and beyond.

Sports provide women not only physical and mental strength, along with confidence, but also a way to become self-dependent in order to break the social barriers to living a better and healthy life. Sports for Hope and Independence is continuously advocating in the community about the importance of sport participation for girls, and offers a safe space for the girls where they can come and express themselves through rugby.

Betaga, Bagerhat is situated in the southern part of Bangladesh, which used have a negative perception about girl’s sports participation. After all the struggles with stereotypes, social norms and negative perception of the community on rugby participation of girls for the last three years. Finally, we break all the barriers and our girls rugby team participated in the National Rugby Championship by representing Bagerhat.

According to Fatema, captain of the team, “The most important thing about rugby is it makes me more self-dependent and stronger. Initially, I used to think about what people will think about me if they see me playing rugby, but after some training sessions, rugby gives me the kick of confidence to fight the perception and social norms. I believe every single girl in Bangladesh should participate in sporting activities to build their own confidence like me.”

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