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Girls football opens EAC tournaments!


Girls football opens EAC tournaments!

The playing fields of Moshi hosted over 1,600 players from across the East African region today as East Africa Cup 2012 tournaments kicked off! 

Before the games begin

Each morning every participant attends life-skills and education sessions, led by young leaders from participating organisations. Participants have the opportunity to attend workshops on:

  • Kicking AIDS Out! training
  • Conflict and reconciliation resolution
  • Transformative masculinity
  • Coaching and laws of the game
  • Interfaith dialogue
  • Leadership and networking
  • Ability first
  • Culture seminar 

Cynthia Otieno, from MYSA Kenya, believes these sessions help "your mind come back to what you are here to do, learn and maybe return with a cup!" 

Her U13 girls football immediately went on to win their first match 4-0 against Tanzanian team, Mtwara!

It's been a long road, but we are finally here!
The MYSA girl's convincing win concealed the reality that after a day of traveling from Nairobi, in Kenya, the team were tired, but determined to make the most of the opportunity! 

The team's coach, Pauline Otieno, said "The girls were tired from the journey from Kenya, but this win has shown we are strong and determined for the rest of the tournament." 

This is not the Africa Cup of Nations, it's better! 
For many players, this is the first time they have left their home country. Sport has given these young sports role models the opportunity to experience different cultures and environments. 

Cynthia continues, "I love this country. I had never traveled before and I see that Tanzanian children are well behaved and disciplined and been very welcoming. We want to ask others to come and visit our country."

Other activities to celebrate the official opening
Media trainees organisied the first EAC press conference this morning. Journalists from across the region attending the media training by former BBC World Service reporter, Nick Raistrick, were present to ask questions to panel of speakers before heading out to the field to collect stories.

The young media leaders prepared an official event press release, brief on the cultural aspect of the tournament and a fact file about EAC. 

On 26 June, the EAC was officially  opened by the EAC Organising committee during an evening ceremony, the first time all teams had gathered together for the first time. 

Bjarte Oen, Chairperson of the EAC Executive Committee, emphasised the importance such tournaments can have in understanding the diverse social and cultural differences and similarities of fellow players. "Remember to know your opponents and respect every organisation here," he said. 

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Mel Paramasivan


Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 23:00