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Giving Youth a Fighting Chance

Giving Youth a Fighting Chance

“A Fighting Chance” is a programme designed to divert at risk youth from gangs , drugs and teen pregnancy in Aurora, Colorado. It utilises the sport of boxing to promote discipline, devotion, motivation and responsibility.

In May 2007 Sergeant Graham Dunne of the Aurora Police Department approached Glenn Goodson, owner of a local boxing gym with the concept of creating a programme to provide a positive distraction.

Boxing has been a controversial sport and particularly with youth who may already have issues with violence. This concern was also voiced by Sergant Dunnes Police colleagues. They questioned the wisdom in teaching the youth to be able to box.

However, owner of the gym Goodson is quick to point out that it’s not about training the youth to be able to go to school and beat up on everybody, or use it for the purpose of bullying. Quite the opposite- the programme starts with a core programme of fitness before progressing into boxing skills.

Goodson points out that what the programme provides is a foundation for building confidence and self esteem. He believes that peer pressure is a significant problem for many of these youth, and the gym provides a safe haven, where they are surrounded by positive peers and adults.

Sergeant Dunne reiterates this saying it’s a great opportunity for the youth to interact with Police and other positive role models.

Goodson believes the programme is making a difference and has seen a change in the attitude of the youth attending the programme.

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Shane Crowhen


Thursday, November 5, 2009 - 23:00

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