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GIZ launches Sport for Development Learning Lab

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GIZ launches Sport for Development Learning Lab

GIZ is proud to announce the launch of their S4D Learning Lab, collating a collection of free resources that have been developed by GIZ and partners from countries across the world

Are you considering using sport to reach out to young people? Are you looking for a brief and concise overview of what sport can do in the realm of development? Or have you already been involved in S4D for quite some time and now you would like to gain deeper insights into S4D competence development? Would you like to know more activities from different sports and how to link them to education, employment or violence prevention?

Have a look at the newly established S4D Learning Lab !

Choose from:

  • More than 80 web-seminars and online courses
  • In English, French, Spanish, and German
  • Covering topics like S4D Essentials, Monitoring & Impact evaluation, Sport for Health, Education, Employability, Gender Equality, Inclusion, Violence Prevention/Social Cohesion, as well as Sport and Environment.

Get on board with basic web-seminars (two to three hours), where you will learn about the five principles of S4D, competences and life skills as well as the SDGs and Sport.

In the online courses (four sessions of 90 min) you will exchange with other participants on how to develop a S4D theory of change, apply methods and ensure quality education in S4D. At the end, you will be able to use topic specific resources and develop strategies to implement contents, activities and tools for your own working context. 

Join the web-seminars and courses for free! They address S4D multipliers, teachers, sport organizations, government officials, employees of NGO, development workers, academics, students, volunteers, and anyone who is interested in using sport for development effectively.

The S4D Learning Lab was jointly developed by GIZ and a team of experts from the German Sport University.

The Learning Lab is part of the revised S4D Resource Toolkit. Browse through a rich collection of resources that have been developed and used by GIZ and partners in different countries all over the world.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - 20:12

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