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Global Money Week 2018: a football-centric 2.0 approach

Author: Inuka Direct
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Global Money Week 2018: a football-centric 2.0 approach

Football can be a perfect cost effective tool to demonstrate the link between natural resources and consumerism

The 21st century has witnessed a tremendous generational change. A tech savvy generation means new ways of accessing information and consuming products. This has led to a completely changed social, economic, political and environmental structure of the world.

Since the transition from Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals, there have been commitments made by governments to protect world natural resources amid changing consumption patterns among young people.

However, due to aggressive marketing campaigns, companies are designing products targeting young people with an aim of making abnormal profits. This means that through their messaging, a demand is created for their products, making it hard for their targeted consumers to resist special offers.

An example of this is the young people in informal settlements of Nairobi, who are faced with a dilemma of adhering to their financial priorities or fitting-in among their peers oblivious of the fact that they risk getting into debt. As a result,this can deepen poverty levels and have negative effects on their immediate environment.  While companies’ desire is to achieve commercial objectives, their activities play a huge role in depleting natural resources used as  raw materials, hence increasing the ravages of climate change.

In efforts to attain SDG 12, which calls for Responsible consumption and production, Inuka Direct will hold Global Money Week under the Soma Hela programme on 17th March in collaboration with Nyeri Youth Sports Academy on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

The day will see a series of interactive sessions  to sensitize participants on the impact of their spending decisions. This will take place through small sided football drills aimed at  equipping participants with decision making ,communication ,  critical thinking, listening and team work skills. The football sessions are meant to simulate the concept of needs and wants vs. goods and services. As the strongest currency in the world, Football will therefore offer a cost effective alternative to catalyze disadvantaged youth’s confidence in taking charge of their financial lives in  an exciting yet challenging environment.

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